The latest mobile legend, Lapulapu gameplay has been revamped!Fight So Fighting

This is the latest gameplay from the Lapu-lapu Mobile Legends revamp! Fix this hero becoming a player issue.

Lapu-lapu, one of Mobile Legends’ old fighter heroes, received the good news that Moonton would soon renew his hero.

However, Moonton gives Lapu Lapu not only a skill change, but also a modification or a slight change in appearance.

Before that, you need to know in advance that Lapu Lapu is one of the fighter heroes that is beginning to be forgotten in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s current Meta Season 18.

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His abilities are considered less effective in current metagames, especially with regard to his ultimate skill, which takes time to attack his opponents.

Even the unpopularity of Lapu Lapu continued for a long time until it finally reached Moonton’s ears.

Eventually, they quickly made improvements to Lapu-lapu and made some gameplay changes that were expected to be very useful in the current Meta Season 18 of Mobile Legends.

You can see the gameplay below!

This Lapu Lapu change is only available on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Advanced Server, and in the meantime, it’s unclear how it will be applied to the original server.

However, we can guarantee that this Lapu Lapu change will take place shortly after the end of 2022.

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