The Latest Indonesian National Team DLS KIT, Download Now!

Indonesia National Team DLS Kit 2022

Indonesian National Team DLS Kits – One of the most played or very popular soccer games on smartphones is Dream League Soccer (DLS). For football lovers or for those of you who play soccer games, we highly recommend this soccer game for you to download and play either alone or with your friends.

By playing this game you don’t just choose a country or club and then you play like a football game in general. In DLS you can compose, arrange, and compose players the way you want. In the sense that you can create your own team by buying the world’s top players, you can even set up Kits or components for the completeness of players’ costumes.

How very interesting is not it? maybe some of you have already played or even just downloaded and played it. If you are just about to play it, please download the DLS game on the application store available on your cellphone. Well, in this DLS, local and foreign clubs are available, including the national team of each country, especially the Indonesian national team. Read Latest BUSSID Double Decker Mod

If you are a person who likes the Indonesian national team, then it is very appropriate for you to read this article. Because, on this auspicious occasion we will share Indonesian National Team DLS Kits. By downloading from the link we have prepared, you can immediately use the latest KIT on the Indonesian National Team that you are managing. For more details, please see further

Download the Latest Indonesian National Team DLS KIT

As we mentioned above, you don’t only play for a club or national team, more than that you can also become the manager of a team. If you have such aspirations, then this game can be used as a training ground and also a fun game.

To be able to have and install this Indonesian National Team KIT, make sure that you have previously downloaded and played the DLS game. This is very important for you to pay attention to so that you don’t misstep or confuse yourself.

In addition to kits for the Indonesian national team, you can also download kits for local and foreign clubs in our previous discussion. In addition, we will continue to update Kits for all of your favorite clubs, so if you want more updates, you should visit this website often. Now, to download the National Team Kit, please click on the link that we have prepared below


We also need to inform you, the kits that we share include kits or jerseys for home matches, away matches, and for goalkeepers or goalkeepers. This kit also applies to all national teams, be it the U-15 National Team, U-17 National Team, U-19 National Team, U-23 National Team, and the Senior National Team.

The sponsor of the Indonesian national team jersey is still the same, namely Nike Indonesia. The colors used are also still the same, namely red, white, green. Except for goalkeepers who often experience changes. For Sponsor Mils will also be available if you update

Other DLS Kits

The final word

Please download and try it right away. With you using the DLS Kit we shared we wish you all the best. Also try other DLS Kits which we have shared a lot in previous posts.

Looks like that’s all we can share and explain to you, hopefully this article can help you complete the kit for the team you manage. That’s a review about Indonesian National Team DLS Kit. Hopefully useful for you, look forward to the next kit update

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