The Latest Immortal Ghost Free Fire Bug 2022, Get Booyah

Immortal Ghost Free Fire Bugs – Playing online games like free fire is certainly very exciting, because free fire has become one of the more popular shooting games this year. However, with the increasing popularity of free fire, now there are many people who cheat, such as using cheats or the like

However, with this, of course, Garena does not stay silent to ban accounts that have used cheats. Well, after the circulation of cheats, there is now a technique to get booyah easily, namely by using a bug.

So the bug that I mean here is the Ghost Free Fire Bug, where the bug is being discussed a lot by ff game lovers. Then how to do the bug and what are the benefits of getting from the bug?? about it just see below.

What is Gosht Free Fire Bug

how to bug ghost in free fire

So this gosht ff bug is similar to a ghost, where the character you are using is invisible (disappeared) by the enemy. So to get booyah of course very easy. Therefore, lately many people have taken advantage of this bug as a way to quickly rank up.

However, you must know that this ghost bug is not yet known by Garena, so it is safe for you to use. Well, if all of you want to try using the ghost free fire bug of course you should see the tutorial as follows.

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Latest Immortal Ghost Free Fire Bugs

Actually, doing a bug in the free fire game is of course very difficult, because Garena is now always updating and eliminating all existing bugs. However, you don’t need to worry because you can use this ghost ff bug by using the netguard application.

Therefore, before making a bug, of course, you have to download the netuguard application first. Where to download?? To download the application, all you have to do is click on the link below.



If you have downloaded the application, please just install it and then follow the steps as follows. Make sure, you have to follow this tutorial properly and don’t miss any steps.

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How to Bug Immortal Ghost in Free Fire (Zipline)

    1. The first thing you must do is open the Garena Free Fire game first on your smartphone
    2. If it’s already opened, then you can Find Zipline or also search for Zipline
    3. Next, please exit the Free Fire game (don’t close it) and enter the Netguard application that you downloaded above
    4. After that, you have to disconnect the internet connection on free fire by going through the netugard application
    5. Next, you can return to the Free Fire game that you haven’t closed with the internet disconnect condition (dead).
    6. Here your position is on the zipline, then there you will see a “hanging person” icon in the right corner, then you click Use
    7. If you have done everything, then the next step is for you to reactivate the free fire internet connection that you decided earlier in the netguard application.
    8. Then please open the Free Fire game again and wait until the internet connection is really connected
    9. The last thing is that you have to relock or re-enter the free fire application
    10. Then automatically the immortal bug zipline has been successful for you to use
    11. Finished

To prove it, you can immediately play free fire in classic mode and look for enemies. If the enemy you killed doesn’t know it, it means that you have successfully used this free fire ghost bug.

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Maybe that’s enough for the first review at this meeting that discussed the Latest Immortal Ghost Free Fire Bug 2022, if you have any questions you want to convey, please comment below. If this article is useful, don’t forget to share it on social media so that everyone knows it.


  • Is this bug still usable??

Of course, it can still be used and 100% working, because I myself have tried it and got booyah easily.

  • Is Immortal Ghost Bug Safe From Banned??

For that, I don’t know whether it’s safe or not, but if you want to try using it I suggest using a new free fire account. This aims to overcome being banned on your account.

  • What are the advantages of using this ghost bug??

The advantage is that you can get kills and booyah easily, because all the enemies in the free fire game don’t see them like ghosts.

As for the disadvantages themselves, there are none, at least if you don’t use this bug, then you will go straight to it (die too quickly).

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