The latest gift from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Fragment Shop!

The latest gift from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Fragment Shop! Playing Mobile Legends has a lot of interesting events designed to make players feel at home as if they were playing their game. One of the most interesting events is the Fragment Shop.

The event itself is an event where you can get cool skins and heroes for free. All heroes or skins available at this event will need to be exchanged for some fragments.

To get the fragment, you need to complete other events in Mobile Legends. For example, you can replenish diamonds, use new heroes, use lucky spins, and perform many other events.

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This fragment is then divided into three parts: the rare fragment (purple), the premium fragment (blue), and the hero fragment (red). There are different types of prizes that Moonton offers to exchange multiple fragments from players, and they fall into their respective categories.

And now, the list of prizes for each Fragment Shop category will be changed on the 17th by Moonton, which is reported to have happened on June 17, 2022.

To date, the most sought after fragment for Indonesian Mobile Legends players is the Rare Fragment or Rare Fragment, which is purple and can be exchanged for cool skins that are only available at certain events.

Spinners, keep your fragments firmly and wait for the Fragment Shop prizes to change in Mobile Legends games! To get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook, we Don’t forget to keep visiting our website.

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