The latest FF Gold Royale Leak! Cute bear skin!

Interested in the latest Gold Royale FF, which will welcome fans later?

Of course, there are plenty of long-awaited events for fans. Free fire (FF) In Indonesia.

The reason is that these events always offer compelling prizes and are as cool as previous skins.

I received the news that an event will be held this September Gold Royale Will come back to welcome us.

Of course, fans are wondering what the limited gift from Gold Royale is!

Let’s take a look at some of the prize leaks you can get!

Latest FF Gold Royale Event

At the next Gold Royale event, there will be two costumes that are as cool as the previous one.

The first one, Asiatic black bear costume Everything you can get. Yes, this gift is a costume.

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These costumes cannot be separated and are already a complete set from top to bottom.

This costume has a black bear theme and is wearing a very cute winter outfit.

The shape looks like a bundle Polar bear First of all, Diamond Royale.

The second is a sports-themed bundle again. Previously, we were greeted with a football player character.

The sport that Galena will show off this time cricket.. This sport, like baseball, takes part in freefire battles.

    FF cricket bundle
Source: Youtube Si Sutups

The outfit is similar to a cricket player and comes with a helmet and gloves to use.

Of course, in this bundle 4 sections Can be separated and combined with other outfits.

It’s still unclear when these two cool outfits went on sale, but they’re available.

If you really want to collect the above two skins, save them for a while first.

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