The Latest Features You Need to Know on the Erangel PUBG PC Map

GridGames.ID – PUBG again provides the latest update for the Erangel map.

This “full name” Game PlayerUnknow`s Battleground is a PC game that can also be played through a Steam account.

Well, if you are a PUBG PC lover, you will be spoiled with the latest update for the Erangel map, there are the latest update features that you need to know for PlayerUnknow`s Battleground PC players.

The latest update on the Erangel map, you will be spoiled with new building styles, graphics or more realistic scenery and there is a new Blue Zone change.

Reported in PUBG Official, the latest Erangel map is the same as the previous Erangel map, this change was tested first on a test server, to try stability, see the latest graphics and their opinions.

Changes to Bluezone in Trial

  • Bluezone timing will be faster throughout the match
  • Bluzone delay has been reduced in the early stages
  • BLuezone size has been reduced in early phase
  • Bluezone speed has been reduced in the early and middle phases
  • Bluezone speed is increased at the end of the game
  • Bluezone delay reduced in the final phase
Now you can enjoy the latest features in the Erangel map on the PUBG test server. For the date, June 26, 2022 don’t forget to update your PUBG PC to explore the Erangle map on the PUBG server.


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