The latest and most annoying build Hanabi Mobile Legends 2022

This is the latest and most sick Hanabi Mobile Legends Build 2022!

Hanabi, one of Mobile Legends’ deadly marksman heroes, is a popular hero among low-legend players.

The reason is that Hanabi does fatal damage from the middle to the end.

In addition, his passive skills can escape all crowd control effects, so this hero is really deadly.

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Make Hanabi

To get the most out of Hanabi, don’t forget this hero’s item.

In this regard, SPIN Esports provides recommendations for the latest 2022 Hanabi builds.

Make Hanabi

The above items belong to the world’s top class Hanabi, which we highly recommend using.

This build is great for Hanabi, which is strong in the middle to the second half of the game, so we highly recommend making this Hanabi Mobile Legends item at home.

The author also tried using the recommended items above, but the results are perfect. The author Hanabi is really deadly.

This hero isn’t strong in the early stages, so it’s difficult to get started, but if you’re already in the middle or late stages, you won’t regret it.

Your fireworks are guaranteed high enough damage, depending on how you play.

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