The joy and sorrow of the pirated game cartridge players in the PS2 era

Gimbot readers all know that gambling Games Pirated behavior is wrong. We actually “steal” and illegally enjoy the results of the hard work of hundreds of developers who should be paid in kind. Even if we spend money, the money doesn’t reach the developer, it is only enjoyed by the seller Games this is all pirated.

However, we cannot deny that Games Pirated copies are also their own pleasure. Especially in a country like Indonesia where the entire population cannot put money aside to buy it Games for hundreds of thousands regularly. There are different joys and sorrows that are felt player PS2 era of pirated tape users. Which of the following moments do you remember most?

Obtain Games How to buy snacks

The most important pleasure we get while playing pirated games is of course the price Games which is very cheap. This isn’t just in the PS2 era, it started with the era of console also before. So cheap production Games To the point where we can buy it for only Rp. 5,000, it’s like buying a packet of chiki or a bowl of street meatballs.

The worldwide proliferation of CDs and DVDs makes these media available at affordable prices. In addition, pirated systems on PS1 and PS2 mostly use the system hard mod, Alias ‚Äč‚Äčmodification directly on the engine. This way we can play directly with a copy of the CD without fiddling with it software again. This simple process lets many people remember the era of PS1 and PS2 as “good old times”, while playing Games is something that fun and easy.

Too many Games Until overwhelmed

So cheap the price of a Gamesso we can buy Games very often, maybe every week or every day. Once you buy it, it’s not just one, we can buy a lot right away Games at once. You do not have to be scared Games that’s bad or doesn’t suit your taste, if you’re not satisfied just buy another one.

Because buy so often Games, the house becomes full of CDs or DVDs everywhere. Sometimes we just want to keep it tidy, but after a long time it can get too complicated. Particularly Games Pirated copies are often poorly packaged, only made of plastic and then provided with a label. Stacking CDs / DVDs was a common sight back then, and when a DVD was damaged, some people usually used it as a simple hanging decoration at home.

Playing while tilting console

One risk that many pirated users may not realize is that pirated machines can create console quickly damaged. The main victim is obviously the optician, whose job it is to read out the data on the CD / DVD. When the optics deteriorate, we have to go different ways to outsmart them. Start cleaning with Lens cleaneruntil it tips over console so that DVDs can be read.

Because it happens so often, I and many other people think that optical damage is a natural thing in the world console Playstation. I didn’t realize the cause until I heard the story of Aditya Rai from Doki Doki Station. He explained that the optics were quickly damaged because the CD / DVD copies were not up to standard Games PlayStation original. The optics are forced to read data harder than they should, so it can be easily damaged.

Afraid every look Loading and FMV

Real horror appearance | Source: Politoed

optics console which breaks quickly, plus Games The copy itself is also quickly damaged, which often makes us anxious when playing Games. if Games Input screen Loading, or play an FMV (Full motion video), there is always a possibility Games so stuck and can’t go on. In Java we call it “hanging”, this is everyone’s nightmare player.

What’s funny, there’s another reason Games can to slip although DVD and optically console not broken. In the PS2 era, several developers had released Games using the DVD Dual Layer (also known as DVD-9) format. If a regular DVD can only store about 4.7 GB of data, a dual-layer DVD can store up to 8.5 GB. The kidnapper may not know this. He copies Games on a normal DVD and then just sell it, although almost half of the data was not copied, so it has to be stuck in the middle of the street.

Some examples Games for example published in dual layer DVD format Wild Arms Old Code: F., Rogue Galaxy, and Xenosaga Episode I: The Will to Power.

Hunt PS2 Fat For Hard Disk

Because the use of DVD copies can console corrupt quick, kidnappers Games then offer alternative solutions. No need to copy Games on DVD, just copy after hard disk. Because of this console will be more durable and you don’t have to worry Games which was released in dual layer DVD format.

The problem is that the PS2 supports using hard disk Back then it was just a PS2 Fat model. installation hard disk It can’t be as simple as a PS3 or PS4, you need to use a special accessory called a PlayStation 2 Network Adapter. As soon as this pirated solution emerged, the price of PS2 Fat in the market immediately skyrocketed, as did the price of network adapters that weren’t as popular before.

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Sony actually released it hard disk and network adapters for the purpose of relief online game on PS2 like Final Fantasy XI, Monster hunter, and Fantasy star universe. But pirated copies use it for other purposes. Over time, PS2’s pirated content will increase for them to play Games directly from Flash disk or hard disk external USB stick. The price for PS2 Fat and Network Adapters is no longer expensive.

Those were some bittersweet memories we had in the PS2 pirated era. Indeed until now Games Pirated is still there, but its shape is no longer the same as it used to be. With protection Anti-piracy the better, piracy console so more complicated and quite difficult to use for ordinary people. game Games The original is now also much easier and more convenient.

If we think about it, the proliferation of pirated tapes in the PS1 and PS2 era is pretty amazing. Games that suddenly became cheap, made it playable for people from all walks of life and inspired a generation in a country to become a generation player. Now in adulthood, it is time for us to “atone for sins” and cultivate generations player New ones who can have fun without having to go pirate routes.

Image source: Denise Jans / Unsplash

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