The International 10 Playoffs Results, OG and Team Spirit Fall!

Sumail while playing with OG


Sumail while playing with OG

GridGames.ID – The first 10 days of The International’s playoffs brought fans a lot of surprises.

The big upper bracket teams must fall and continue the International 10 tournament from the lower bracket.

Not only that, the 4 lower bracket teams that were predicted to be the dark horse team were even eliminated from The International 10 tournament.

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1. Match Result in Upper Bracket

Upper Bracket The International 10 on October 12 presents 2 exciting matches between Team Spirit vs Invictus Gaming and OG vs Secret.

Team Spirit (1) vs Invictus Gaming (2)

The first match between Team Spirit and Invictus Gaming was tense.

Team Spirit managed to win the first match thanks to a slick game from TORONTOTOKYO using the Morphling hero.

In fact, TORONTOTOKYO managed to get Rampage in the first match.





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