The government of the Sleman reign is preparing educational aid for Gegara Pande orphans

LIMAPAGI – The Covid-19 pandemic has caused deep suffering among dozens of children in Sleman Regency. Quite a few of her parents died of Covid-19. For a better future, the Sleman government has prepared educational grants for orphans.

“This educational scholarship is intended for orphans or orphans after their parents, both father and mother, have died as a result of the coronavirus,” Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo told reporters on Tuesday, August 10, 2022.

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Data from the Office for the Advancement of Women, Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning (DP3A2PKB) Sleman says the number of children who are orphans, orphans, and orphans reaches 113 children. And according to data from the Sleman Social Service, the number of orphans or orphans from poor or vulnerable families reaches 27 children.

Kustini Sri Purnomo explained that education is a phase where skills are added to the development of human life. “Education is a very important tool for vertical mobility in society,” he said.

His party will provide educational support from elementary school to high school / professional level. Educational aid is provided by social services through the Social Safety Net (JPS) program. Families of the remaining orphans can apply to social services and then be verified.

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The educational aid that can be used for these children is a maximum of IDR 5 million per year. In addition, the Sleman government will provide social assistance of Rs 200,000 for these children for six months.

Because of this, Kustini urged social services to quickly review the data of the orphaned children in Sleman so that they can be relieved immediately. “Educational support is not just about maintaining access to education for children. But also save a generation in the future, “said Kustini.

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