The four items that do not exist in Free Fire rank mode are:

Click here for 4 items that have not been confirmed to appear in Free Fire rank mode!

A few days ago, that day December 23, 2022, We are welcomed by Rank season 19 New one.

The end of the year is approaching, the new year is approaching, Push rank Galena again as the seasons change.

In this new season, of course, it’s the same rank as the previous season, with free gifts, new friends, and more.

Apart from the event Operation ChronoArrived in December to welcome the new patch update, there aren’t many changes in Season 19.

That is, I’m consciously not including some items in the Free Fire ranking for no reason.

Are you interested in these items?Let’s take a look, this is an item based on!!

Items not in free fire rank mode!

Electric surfboard

Electric surfboard FF

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This item is only available in Classic Mode and is a great mobilization item.

With this surfboard, you can quickly move to another location at a decent speed.

Enemy Rush, Flanking Efforts, or even when escaping an enemy, can be very helpful in raising your Rank correctly.

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Decoy grenade

It is a unique item that allows you to create a standing fake character with a weapon.

This fake character can also sound like a real player used to trick nearby enemies.

Now, imagine that once you’re in rank mode, it’s definitely very easy to defeat your enemies!

Anti-tank weapon – RSG50

This handgun weapon is a weapon that can destroy the vehicle and is one of the reasons why players do not ride in the vehicle.

The reason is that this weapon can lock the target vehicle and destroy the vehicle with the resulting damage.

With the RSG50 in the ranks, it’s easy to imagine that no one has the courage to escape in a vehicle.

Helmet level 4

Source: Freefire

This item is too strong to rank and can only be found in Classic mode.

Higher level helmets than level 3 helmets are very powerful in protecting the character’s head.

It’s no secret that headshot damage can hurt, but now this level 4 helmet is the strongest helmet.

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Well, these are items that don’t appear at all in rank mode, but Galena should think twice about including these items!

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