The following is the latest train schedule as of August 1, 2022

LIMAPAGI – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI has published the latest train schedule for August 2022. Timetable information was shared on Sunday, August 1, 2022, via PT KAI’s official Facebook account, @ KAI121.

“For #Friends of KAI who are waiting for the train timetable in August, please listen to and save this post,” wrote the KAI121 account.

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KAI stated that before you travel you should ensure that you meet current government requirements. Potential passengers in long-distance traffic must show a COVID-19 vaccination card at least for the first dose (physical / digital). Do not forget to prepare a negative result of the RT-PCR test, which is valid 2 × 24 hours, or the rapid antigen, which is valid 1 × 24 hours, before departure.

The current train schedule and fares for August 2022 can also be viewed via the KAI Access application, which provides the latest updates on the trains in service. So make sure you have downloaded and registered the KAI Access application.

“It is important to always remember to be wise in performing mobility and always to be disciplined in the correct use of health protocols,” explained KAI.

The following is the latest train schedule from August 2022 (August 1-31, 2022)

Argo Bromo orchid Surabaya

Pasar Turi-Gambir PP

PP Argo Wilis

Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung PP

Argo Lawu

Solo Racing-Gambir PP

Argo Dwipangga

Solo Racing-Gambir PP

Argo Parahyangan

Gambir-Kiaracondong / Bandung PP


Malang-Gambir PP


Surabaya Pasarturi-Gambir PP


Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung PP


Malang-Surabaya Pasarturi-Pasen Senen PP


Surabaya Gubeng-Pasen Senen PP

The following is the latest train schedule from August 2022 (3rd to 31st August 2022)

Cheribon meter

Tegal-Gambir PP

Argo Parahyangan

Gambir banding PP


Surabaya Gubeng-Gambir PP


Yogyakarta-Gambir PP


Blitar-Pasar Senen PP

for sure

Blitar-Pasar Senen PP


Ketapang-Surabaya Gubeng-Cilacap PP


Malang-Bandung PP

wake up

Jombang-Pasen Senen PP


Surabaya Pasarturi-Cikampek-Bandung PP


Surabaya Pasarturi-Pasen Senen PP

Dharmawangsa Express

Surabaya Pasarturi-Pasen Senen PP

Solo Main Sunset

Solo Racing Market Monday


Pasar Senen-Solo Racing


Surabaya Gubeng-Yogyakarta PP


Purwokerto-Tegal-Semarang Tawang PP


Purwokerto-Tegal-Semarang Tawang-Solo Racing, Solo Racing-Semarang Tawang-Tegal-Purwokerto-Solo Racing-Semarang Tawang, Solo Racing-Purwokerto-Tegal-Semarang Tawang-Solo Racing PP

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Surabaya Pasarturi-Pasen Senen PP


Semarang Poncol-Cirebon Prujakan PP


Malang-Pasen Senen PP


Lempuyangan-Pasar Senen PP

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