The Flappy Bird Makers Are Back With Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

She returns! Yes he’s back again. The creator of the legendary game Flappy Bird Dong Nguyen back again with the newest poison Ninja Spinki Challengee with publisher Obokaid’em Games. Here you will be trained to become an agile ninja avoiding attack after attack. Not only that, you can also throw shuriken.

Aha, sounds easy doesn’t it? After playing it you will regret and start thinking how valuable health is. Why? Because like the games made by Dong Nguyen before, it looks simple but it takes time and energy because of the curiosity that arises when it fails. Hand agility and patience avoid flying fruit and flying cat. This game may be following success Flappy Bird and Swing Copter which has already been released, because it has been downloaded 50,000 times.

The size of the Ninja Spinki Challenges game is quite small, which is around 8.5 mb and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it, because it’s provided free of charge… free… download it right away, ah. Wait a minute! Do not be too happy, yet. There is a price to pay for games that are free. This game is indeed marketed for free, but you are required to watch a video ad for 10-15 seconds if you fail to follow the challenge.

The Flappy Bird Makers Are Back With Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

For those of you who are brave and tough, Dong Nguyen provides 2 modes, namely Challenge and Endless where you can compete with other players who play Ninja Spinki Challenges!! And there are 30 challenge stages and 6 endless stages. We really don’t recommend it for those of you who have high blood pressure and a tendency to slam smartphones.

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