The Escaper, The Newest Escape Room Mobile Game With Puzzle Touch

The Escaper, Game with the latest escape room mechanism

youtube/Nocturnal Works

The Escaper, Game with the latest escape room mechanism

GridGames.ID – Maybe for GridGames friends who like horror genre games, you are no stranger to the escape room genre.

Games with the escape room genre usually come with a touch of horror.

However, unlike The Escaper, this game only focuses on the given escape room mechanism.

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Nocturnal Works as the developer of this game will give you an experience of how to escape room games without a touch of horror.

This premium game has puzzles that are used to open a room and enter the next room.

Utilizing 3D graphics to create various rooms, you will be focused on finding a way out.

This game uses physics-based puzzles that will probably use a bit of your logic.

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