The Country That Has the Greatest Gamers in the World. Indonesia What Number, Yes?

Team of Professional Cybersport Gamers Playing Video Games on a Cyber ​​Games Tournament


Team of Professional Cybersport Gamers Playing Video Games on a Cyber ​​Games Tournament

GridGames.ID – Esports is now becoming a new sport from the transformation of video games that were originally only for entertainment.

Its presence triggers gamers in the world to show themselves in a game playing competition, ranging from national to international scale.

Seeing this, the British game developer and publisher, Kwalee, conducted research to find out which country had the most powerful gamers in the world.

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Reporting from the Kompas Tekno page, the research was carried out by collecting data from the site.

The site provides data containing the number of awards received by game players around the world.

There is also data on various game titles, the number of players, to the number of achievements that have been made by each player.

Kwalee collected more than 42 thousand player achievement data from 16 thousand game titles.

They calculated the total number of achievement scores (achievement) obtained by all players from one country.

Then the results that have been obtained will be divided by the number of population owned by the country to get the average number.

The average number is then used as a reference to determine the ranking.

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