The Best Tank Player in Mobile Legends Indonesia GridGames Version (Part 2)

GridGames.ID – In the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang, there are 5 hero roles, namely Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter and Support.

The eSports industry in Indonesia is now growing, it’s not uncommon for roster of eSports teams to take part in game tournaments, one of which is Mobile Legends.

This time GridGames wants to discuss the 5 best tank users in Mobile Legends in Indonesia, guys!

Well, our list of the best tank players is just to give appreciation, not to side with individuals or just one team.

Khufra Mobile Legends

Youtube MLBB

Khufra Mobile Legends

Therefore, we have prepared 3 versions for the best Mobile Legends tank players in Indonesia.

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So, these five tank users are tank hero specialists for their eSports teams during the tournament.

Immediately, here are the 5 best tank users in Mobile Legends in Indonesia, the second part.

Who are they?

1. Marsha

Steven 'Marsha' Kurniawan

Steven ‘Marsha’ Kurniawan

Steven Kurniawan, who has the username Marsha in the Mobile Legends game, is famous for playing the role of tank and support for the team during tournaments.

Marsha is known when she started her career as a pro player in Mobile Legends for Team RRQ which later moved to EVOS eSports.

Now Marsha, who is often nicknamed ‘Papiler’, is making her debut as a pro player for the Louvre eSports team.

If you pay attention to Marsha’s games during tournaments and gaming content on her YouTube Channel, she often uses Franco’s hero, where Franco’s Hook that Marsha plays is very rare. miss, you know!

Marsha can be a GG tanker because she is able to play good and correct tactics, especially regarding the TB-in of her teammates!

2. YoR

Kido (top center) and Yor (bottom center)


Kido (top center) and Yor (bottom center)

Still from the Louvre eSports team, YoR is also one of the best tankers in Indonesia, especially if you already use the hero tank, Grock.

This is evidenced by the guy whose real name is Vicky Vendy because he managed to become the Top Global No.1 hero Grock in Season 8.

Not only TB-in teammates, Grock from YoR also has very painful damage and thick HP, making it difficult for opponents to conquer.

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3. Jiao

Jiao officially becomes a member of EVOS Mobile Legends

Jiao officially becomes a member of EVOS Mobile Legends

You guys must be familiar with the name Jiao, right? Yep, he is a tank specialist pro player who plays for EVOS eSports.

However, this time Jiao is on loan to the Dranix eSports team to play in the IENC tournament.

This Jiao during the tournament usually plays using Grock and Minotaur tank heroes.

Not even just tanks, Jiao is also good at using fighter heroes which are sometimes combined with tank items, you know!

4. Eiduart




After Revo eSports disbanded, Eiduart has not announced what it will do again.

But he is indeed a tanker, especially when Kaja is still a tank hero, Eiduart can be a tank as well as a very GG support, guys!

Even the Kaja used by Eiduart is sometimes very brave to move forward until he is stung by the tower! Even so, the Kaja used by Eiduart is still alive, aka long life.

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5. Barier Jr.

Barier Jr.


Barier Jr.

You must still remember the former Team RRQ pro player, Barier Jr., right? Well, these two are also really GG if they become tankers.

This guy whose real name is Risky is now playing for the Genflix Aerowolf team.

While still on Team RRQ, Barrier Jr. I really like playing tanks using Akai’s hero who will be a rioter for the enemy team.

After that, Barier Jr. also likes to use Chou’s fighter hero with tank build items.

So, the Chou used by Barier Jr. will be a semi-tank fighter hero, who has high damage as well as thick HP.

Well, those are the five best tank players in Mobile Legends in Indonesia. Which one is your favourite, guys?


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