The best motivation for RRQ Lemon!

RRQ Hoshi’s megastar Lemon is one of the players recorded to have three Indonesian MPL titles.

Lemon has won all three titles in his career with the RRQ Hoshi team since the beginning of MPL ID Season 1.

Lemon is still active as an RRQ Hoshi player and seems not yet satisfied with his career in the mobile legends pro scene.

Behind Lemon’s extraordinary talent that this player, nicknamed the Alien Mobile Legends, thought was excellent.

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rrq star mpl season 6
Photo via lemon ig

I want to motivate Indonesian mobile legend fans who want to get hooked on titles like him.

In one of the videos uploaded to RRQ’s youtube, Lemon said, “Skills can win matches, but posture can win championships.”

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What Lemon said is another motivation for those who want to win the title by first improving your attitude.

Not only hone your good skills, but also your attitude to become a champion.

And Lemon is the Lord for those who want to have good skills and a very good attitude, as evidenced by his friendly attitude behind the various achievements / trophies he has earned. This is an example.

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