The Benefits of Playing Games, Turns Out Not At All Bad!

Maybe for old people, playing games can be have a bad impact on children because it can make children lazy and considered a waste of time.

But over time, these negative thoughts began to disappear. Especially now that there are many educational games that can help children’s brain development, guys.

There are also many campuses in Indonesia that have special gamers majors. Wow, are you interested?

Well, on this occasion, Smart Tips want to tell you the benefits of playing games, guys, so games don’t always have a bad impact, right.

What are the Benefits of Playing Games? Listen to This Come on!

Games or gadgets can have a bad impact if you play them for a long time or too often.

But if you play the game in a reasonable time and not excessively, it can have a good impact, guys.

The following are the benefits of playing games for children’s development and health.

1. Able to Increase Concentration and Focus

Train Concentration and Focus

Train Concentration and Focus

Who says playing games makes kids lazy? Precisely if children are guided properly when playing games, they can increase their concentration and focus in learning.

Just imagine if children like playing battle royale games or FPS games, they will concentrate on their surroundings and be wary of enemies that may appear suddenly.

Well, subconsciously it trains children to concentrate and focus on what they are facing.

This suggests that playing games may help people with visual impairments or even help workers practice concentration.

2. Improve Problem-Solving Ability

Improve Problem Solving Ability

Improve Problem Solving Ability

Puzzle games or guessing games are also able to improve children’s problem solving skills.

Of course that’s because when playing, the child will be obsessed with solving puzzles, questions, or just resolving conflicts in the game.

Well, of course, this can be carried over to everyday life, guys. So the benefits of playing games in addition to increasing concentration is also able to improve skills in solving problems.

Besides being reliable in solving problems, playing games can also improve creativity skills too. How? Just don’t do it too often, guys.

3. Practice Teamwork

Practicing Teamwork

Practicing Teamwork

Many games have to force the players to work together to win, for example like MOBA games.

Well, of course, by playing these games, you can train your child’s ability to cooperate with his friends.

So not all games played by children contain bad things, guys. It could be that the games that are played can actually train children in a better direction.

4. Can Be a Place to Learn Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Learning Tools

Foreign Language Learning Tools

Most of the games that exist today use English in it, this is because English is the international language that is most widely used by people around the world.

Therefore, playing games can be a means to hone your English skills.

So apart from using foreign language learning applications, games can also be used to learn English, guys. How? Not bad right?

5. So Easy to Hang Out with New People

Meet New Friends

Meet New Friends

Who says playing games is anti-social? Precisely by playing games, children more easily adapt to new friends.

Moreover, online games have a chat feature that allows you to chat with fellow players.

With this feature, you can get to know each other and even become new friends.

6. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

By playing games, of course, can reduce the feeling of stress that is being experienced. Because you will enter a different world while playing the game and forget for a moment the problems that occur in the real world.

So you can take a moment to play games to make your mood back for the better.

Eits, but don’t play weird games, maybe instead of feeling better, you can become more stressed.

7. Can Make Money

Make money

Make money

Who says playing games is just a waste of money? In fact, playing games can also make money, you know!

For example, by participating in a game competition that is held, usually a competition like this promises a very tempting cash prize.

So, playing games is not always just a waste of money, but also can make money. Especially in this day and age, pro player games can be a job.

The final word

Well, those are some of the benefits of playing games according to Smart Tips guys. So not all games have a bad impact.

Games can be a bad impact if played continuously without any time to rest. Be wise gamers in playing the game, okay!

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