The Army Plays a Lot of PUBG Mobile, Iraqi Military Officers Are Worried!

Zombie Mode: Sunset in PUBG Mobile Tampilan

Zombie Mode: Sunset in PUBG Mobile Tampilan

GridGames.ID – The Iraqi military has recently been hit by concerns about its soldiers who are addicted to playing online games on their mobile phones.

The popularity of the online game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile, among the Iraqi army has raised fears of serious security breaches.

The reason is that the attention of soldiers on duty is often distracted when playing online games developed by the South Korean company.

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Quoted from the page, an Iraqi military source revealed that a large number of their armed forces personnel have become addicted to playing the shooting game, PUBG.

“Soldiers’ attention is distracted by games and social media on their mobile phones, especially PUBG Mobile, while on night duty or on daily surveillance and control missions.”

“It has caused a lot of trouble,” said one Iraqi military officer who asked not to be named.

At a time when the country’s security is still under threat from remnants of extremist groups as well as the war against militias and organized crime groups, Iraqi military commanders fear that the attention of their troops will be distracted by war in the virtual world.

An Iraqi officer source said that a number of military officials had banned the soldiers they lead from playing the game, and some of them were even sentenced to imprisonment for failing to perform their duties, but the punishment did not prevent soldiers from playing the online game.

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A number of parties have put forward demands that the soldiers’ cellphones be confiscated while they are on duty.

Not only Iraq, the Lebanese military had previously issued a ban on its soldiers from playing PUBG.

But the reason used by the Lebanese military is because the game allows its soldiers to play with someone from another country, and it’s possible that they will play with enemy soldiers.


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