The 8 fastest solo lord heroes in Mobile Legends

The fastest Solo Lord Hero in Mobile Legends

The fastest Solo Lord Hero in Mobile Legends – All fans of the Mobile Legend game must be familiar with Lord. Yes … Lord is the strongest forest monster in Mobile Legend. By killing the lord, your team will get help from the lord to destroy the enemy’s defenses. This is a strategy for winning a match.

Killing a lord alone or a solo lord is not easy, especially since a lord has thick blood and great damage. Killing lords is more effective when done with teammates so lords can be killed quickly.

A hero with high DPS is required to kill a lord. This high DPS hero is usually a physical damage type hero. But that doesn’t mean the hero mage can’t kill the lord alone. Some hero mages can be solo lords, but they are less effective.

Fastest hero kills Lord alone

Here are eight heroes who can quickly defeat the Lord on their own without the help of the team.

1. Masha

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Masha

Of course, killing a lord who has a lot of HP costs a lot of damage. Well, Masha is a fighting heroine who does great harm to the lord, besides, Masha also has high attack speed, armed with her passive and abilities. Currently, Masha is the fastest hero to kill Lord and Turtle alone.

2. Argus

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Argus

This one hero fighter certainly doesn’t have to doubt his fighting ability. With his ultimate being immune to death for 5 seconds, he is not afraid to fight any hero, even solo lords.

3. Alucard

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Alucard

When using Alucard, you don’t have to worry about getting a solo lord. With high life-stealing and damaging abilities, Alucard can easily suck God’s blood, so Alucard is one of the best heroes for solo lords.

4. Career

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Karrie

Karrie is a masked man hero with very high speed, both movement speed and attack speed. When fully set up, Karrie is not only quick to attack, but also does great damage. That way, Karrie could easily defeat Lord.

5. Irithelium

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Irithel

Irithel is a mask man who has a high area of ​​damage. With the right build items, Irithel can do a lot of damage, making it easy for him to kill Lord on his own. Using his ultimate ability increases Irithel’s base attack damage and becomes an area of ​​damage that can kill multiple heroes at the same time.

6. Moscow

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Irithel Moskov

This masked man hero also has a high attack speed. As with most mask men who are low on HP, the build items must be sufficient and Moskov can certainly do Solo Lords quickly.

7. Roger

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Roger

Roger is a hero who has two forms, namely when he is in human form as a masked man and can transform himself into a wolf as a fighter. If you are a solo lord, you should turn Roger into a wolf as he has more damage and attack speed.

8. Sun

Hero Solo Lord Mobile Legends Sun

By relying on his clone, which also has a high attack speed, Sun kills the Lord quickly and without fear of being killed. Especially if it is a full build, you don’t have to hesitate to kill the lord when using this hero.

The last word

There are still many heroes who can be the fastest solo lords in Mobile Legends, but the above heroes are your best choices to help you slay the lord. So many articles about the strongest hero and quick killing the lord alone, hopefully it will be useful.

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