The 7 best Android games for Ngabuburit

Played Games is one of the right ways to wait for iftar or it can be said during ngabuburit. Because when you play games, time goes by so quickly that you don’t realize it’s time to break the fast.

Offline games can sometimes be a lot more fun than online games where you can play without restrictions, without thinking about network connections, internet odds, even offline games won’t waste your phone battery.

The 7 best Android games for Ngabuburit


is Games which is very simple but really describes the features of the month of Ramadan in Indonesia that helps people wake up to sahur, Games here you are a car pick up on which a drum is mounted, the task of which is very simple, namely to wake people up.

Download SahuRak on the Play Store

Fight Satan

Same as name Gameshis, Games Thereby you fight the demons in the month of Ramadan, the interaction in Games it’s easy, you just have to do it Tap on a drum, where the drum is a navigation for your main character.

Download Fight Satan in the Play Store

Ramadan pastry shop

Games this is really well suited to be played when breaking the fast, because Games these contain almost all pictures of food, Games It has a story where you have to make a cake according to the title of Games This.

Download Ramadan Cake Shop in the Play Store

Guess the ngabuburite image

As mentioned in the title, Games This is Games guess the picture differently than Games guess the other pictures because in Games that is sung developer Using the feeling of Ramadan as an indicator is not much different than Games guess the other picture, you will be asked to guess the picture that is by the si. has been processed developerand there are different levels that you have to complete one by one.

Kolak Express Ramadan

Games This has a story that you are a takjil seller who sells, there will be a lot of visitors in your place and you have to give them what they want, you combine foods so that it is what the buyer wants.

Download Kolak Express Ramadhan on the Play Store

Kolak Express Ramadan 2

Just like Kolak Express Ramadhan 1, the application differs from the previous application in appearance and graphics Games that, not only that, Games It also has a storyline in each level so you don’t get bored while playing.

Download Kolak Express Ramadhan 2 on the Play Store

Indonesian restaurant

Almost equal to 2 Games above before but in Games Here you act as the owner of the restaurant, you are in charge of preparing dishes according to the wishes of your buyers, based on the side dishes from Games.

Download Indonesian restaurant in the Play Store

Here is a list of 7 Games The best android for ngabuburit, hopefully useful.

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