The 6 Best Songs to Test Your Headphones

Previously we already know the difference between headphones, earphones, headsets and also handsfree. Although the function is the same for listening to music, everyone has different comforts.

Even non-gamers prefer to use gaming headphones. Because, it’s more comfortable to just use it to listen to music, so that outside noise is not heard.

Well, it’s just right! This time we will discuss songs that can be used to test the quality of headphones, if at any time you want to buy headphones. So, take a look!

New to Buy Headphones? Try Test with This Best Song!

Even if you want to buy the most expensive headphones in the world. Don’t forget to test it using the following songs!

1. Paper Trails – Darkside

One of the songs to test the bass quality of the headphones, try it by listening to the song Paper Trails from Darkside. By using this song, you can find out if the bass quality of the headphones is solid or not.

In addition, with this song, you can find out the frequency of the bass, not only in terms of bass, but from vocals, musical instruments. If good headphones will produce a smooth and clear sound.

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2. A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – Christina Perri

Next to find out the dynamics of the headphones, song A Thousand Years from Christina Perri it fits. Eits, but choose the piano version or the cello cover. Because this song uses a balanced frequency of low and high.

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3. Small Hours – John Martyn

Well, to test headphones in terms of soundstage, you can use songs Small Hours from John Martyn. If quality headphones produce sound with neat instruments then they are good.

Because this song was made in a fairly open room by John Marytn. So if you hear the sound of birds and the breeze, these headphones are very good quality.

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4. Fool’s Errand – Fleet Foxes

If you want to test in terms of mid songs Fool’s Errand from Fleet Foxes it fits really well. Because this song does carry a vocal sound.

So if you want to stand out more the sound quality of this song is perfect. Because the vocalist’s voice in this song is very loud and accompanied by cool percussion harmonies.

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5. You’ve Got to Have Freedom – Pharoah Sanders

If you want to test the treble quality of the headphones, song You’ve Got to Have Freedom from Pharoah Sanders this fits so well. With a sharp treble can make the ears hurt.

If you play this song while using headphones and it produces clear sound this means that the quality of the headphones is good.

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6. Explosions in The Sky – Wilderness

Whereas if you want to test the sound balance from headphones, songs Explosions in The Sky from Wilderness it fits perfectly. Because this song has a balanced bass and treble.

So if the headphones you buy are more dominant between the two, it means that the quality of the sound balance doesn’t match.

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So, how are you smart? If you buy headphones, what song do you test it by listening to? If so, write it in the comments column.

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