The 5 Most Banned Heroes in the Regular Season MPL ID S6

GridGames.ID – The Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia 2022 Tournament will soon enter the Playoffs round.

The 6 best teams have already qualified. They are Alter Ego, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports, Bigetron Alpha, EVOS Legends, and Genflix Aerowolf.

However, before the Playoffs officially start, the GridGames team would like to invite you Flash back slightly to the regular season phase.

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During the regular season, various interesting matches are presented every week.

Dozens of heroes are often alternately chosen to fight in the Land of Dawn.

However, not infrequently, certain heroes must be hit banned by the competing players.

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Usually, the reason the hero isbanned is because being meta, or on the other side there are experts using it.

Well, this time GridGames has summarized the 5 most frequently hit heroes banned during regular season 6 based on statistical records from the official MPL ID website.

Want to know anyone? Read more below.


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