The 3 best uses for food recipes for Iftar and Sahur

When the month of Ramadan comes and the most anticipated and anticipated fasting and sahoor breaks while fasting, mothers sometimes get confused about what food and drink to serve fathers and children at home for iftar and sahoor.

For those of you who are unsure of what to cook this month of fasting and are learning to cook, here are 3 recommended fasting and sahoor uses.

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By serving homemade food and drink, it adds happiness and is sure to be loved more by the people at home. Here are the 3 best uses for food recipes for iftar and sahur.


Cookpad ranks first in the Food and Beverage category as one of the top recommendations for recipe information applications for food and drink. Cookpad is currently also available for Indonesian.

In addition, Cookpad has a community where anyone can write or share food or drink recipes. This application is perfect for those of you who enjoy cooking or studying. Because in this application there are chat and question-and-answer functions.

During this month of fasting, many users in Indonesia share food recipes for breaking the fast and sahur menus. You can find hundreds or even thousands of different food recipes in the Cookpad application.

Cookpad can be downloaded free of charge from GooglePlay for Android users and from the App Store for iOS users (iPhone / iPad).

Download Cookpad for Android

Download Cookpad iOS

2. Simple recipes

The simple recipe application is an Android application that contains a variety of home cooking recipes, drinks, Eid cakes, Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr food recipes.

This application is for those of you who need a hint about typical Indonesian food recipes. This application can also be accessed offline as the database is already stored on your mobile storage, ideal for those of you who have limited internet connection. You can download this application for free from Google Play.

Download easy cooking recipes for Android

The Practical Iftar and Sahur Menu application is an Android application that contains a collection of recipes for food and drink menus served for fasting, for sahur and also for breaking the fast. This application is specially designed to serve recipes and special drinks for the month of Ramadan. You can download this application for free from Google Play.

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