The 10 Most Viral Songs on the TikTok App (Keeps Ringing!)

Tiktok is one of the most widely used video applications. Because in this application lots of funny memes from TikTok. You can also download TikTok videos without a watermark, guys!

TikTok was also once called an application that destroys the younger generation, therefore this application was blocked by the temporary government. But who would have thought that now, TikTok, which had been criticized, has become an application that is used so often that almost all social media have videos made using the TikTok application.

Because of that, there are so many viral songs thanks to the TikTok application, guys. What’s the song? Let’s read this article to the end!

Collection of Viral TikTok Songs 2022

TikTok now has many interesting videos that are suitable to watch when you are in your spare time, guys! Because TikTok also has a lot of cool songs that will keep you ringing.

1. Any Song (Zico BlockB 2022)

Before the release of this song, Zico teased his fans by collaborating with Hwasa Mamamoo and uploading it via the TikTok application, this made many Kpop Idols and even KPop celebgrams in Indonesia take part to enliven this challenge called Anysong Challenge. How about you? Have you joined this Challenge yet?

2. All Around The World (ATC)

This song became their debut single from the album Planet Pop in Europe. This song is booming again in early 2022 because many TikTok users are using this song.

Videos using this song also often go viral on other social media applications, making All Around The World boom again in 2022.

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

All I Want For Christmas Is You is a song sung by Mariah Carey in 1994 which was later remake and sung again on December 20, 2022. With this viral challenge, Mariah Carey’s song went viral again in early 2022.

4. Say So (Doja Cat)

With dances that are quite simple and songs that are very easy to listen to, TikTok users also use this song, guys. The song released in 2022 was also able to captivate listeners and make this song boom again in 2022.

5. Who’s Right Who’s Wrong (Iwan Syahwan)

This viral song is from Indonesia, guys, the song sung by Iwan Syahwan in 2002 was later remake by DJs in Indonesia, making many artists or celebrities use this song when playing TikTok, making this song booming again in Indonesia.

6. Yummy (Justin Bieber)

After a long hiatus, Justin has released his newest single, Yummy.

The dance in the chorus in this song is very addictive to follow, guys! With easy listening songs and dances that are easy to follow, this song has become viral and is widely used by TikTok users.

7. Shake Lemes (Flowers)

The Slow Motion Challenge, which is accompanied by a remix of a Dj from Indonesia, is also one of the best choices for playing TikTok, guys, not a few artists or influencers use this song when making videos using TikTok so this song has gone viral.

8. Candy (Doja Cat)

This song from Doja Cat has also been used by a young artist from Indonesia, namely Marion Jola, making fans and many other TikTok celebrities also use this song so that this song has become viral in Indonesia.

9. Like the Sky (Portrait)

The song sung by this portrait was booming at the time, then when many TikTok users used this song, this song boomed again in 2022 in Indonesia. Many celebrities who use TikTok usually use the zoom face effect by replacing funny faces.

10. DJ Jellyfish

The last viral song, which is a song from an Indonesian DJ, is also widely used by TikTok users who made this song viral in Indonesia. Not a few artists or influencers from Indonesia who use this song so that many fans and other artists also use this song.

So, those are the TikTok songs that are viral in Indonesia and abroad, which of the songs above is your favourite? Comment in the comment box below!

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