The 10 Most Liked Types of Videos on YouTube (You Won’t Mind!)

Hello smart friend, surely you already know, okay? how to watch YouTube for free without any quota? Yup, if you already know how to do it, you shouldn’t ever watch the forbidden videos on YouTube, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get goosebumps! Hehehe..

Oh yeah, do you know the YouTube channel with the most subscribers in the world today? It turns out that one of them presents the type of video game content, and the videos sell really well! Hmmm… what type of YouTube video do you like the most, so that it can be used as material for you to create a YouTube channel. Curious? Come on, just take a look, guys!

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Many Likes! These are the Most Liked Videos on YouTube!

Well, this time will review the most watched types of YouTube videos. So, take a good look, guys..

1. Music Videos

Music Videos

The most liked type of video on YouTube the first most liked is Music Videos. Yup! Who doesn’t like music? Surely you all really like listening to music. Moreover, you can also listen to songs on YouTube without playing videos now.

It is evident from the 10 YouTube videos with the most viewers, 9 of their videos are music videos. Not only video clips from famous musicians, but music videos that are covered are also in great demand nowadays.

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2. Video Movies / Movies

Video Movies / Movies

The second most liked YouTube video is a movie or movie video. Currently, not only music is one of the things that can fill your leisure time, watching movies is also one of the things that can fill your spare time.

Well, this video or movie on YouTube sells really well, guys. Moreover, short films and trailers of upcoming films. Admit it, you must have checked the trailer before watching it at the cinema. Oh yes, now you can also watch YouTube while opening other applications.

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3. Funny Videos

Funny video

The third most popular videos on YouTube are funny videos. Yup! It’s no wonder that funny videos are in great demand, especially if you’re sad, you’ll naturally want to see what’s funny, right?

Well, sometimes the funny videos on Instagram come from YouTube videos, guys! What are your favorite funny YouTube videos?

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4. Sports Videos

Sports Videos

The fourth most liked type of YouTube video is sports videos. Hey, admit it, who likes to see the right way of exercising to lose weight? Surely you have seen sports videos on YouTube.

Usually sports videos that become trending topics are soccer sports videos. Especially if you don’t have time to watch it at night, you must immediately open YouTube to watch it.

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5. Video Games

Video Games

The fifth most watched YouTube videos are video games. These video games vary on YouTube. Usually many are also looking for tricks to win a game on YouTube.

In addition, many are also looking for videos about game reviews and reactions to games played by the YouTuber. Well, you should also know that some YouTubers with incomes above 50 million also have a lot of video game content, guys!

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6. Video News or Information

News or Information Videos

The sixth most popular type of YouTube video is news video. Currently, it’s not just newspapers and television that provide information and news. YouTube is also fast and accurate.

Because, nowadays many people are directly looking for the latest information or news through YouTube. The problem is that on television sometimes you like to miss the news, so it’s better to watch it on YouTube, you can repeat it. Isn’t it true?

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7. Adult Content Videos

Adult Content Videos

The seventh most searched YouTube video is an adult content video. Well, this video is indeed the most sought after on YouTube, but it is not uncommon for YouTube to immediately delete videos with adult content if the video has exceeded the reasonable limit.

Well, usually videos with adult content have provisions with the label “Age Restricted YouTube Videos”. The label works if the user is less than 18 years old, the video can’t be played or is banned from YouTube.

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8. Weird and Unique Videos

Weird and Unique Videos

The eighth most popular type of video is weird and unique videos. Who here really likes watching videos with strange and unique facts? Surely you like it.

Well, this video turns out to provide information or knowledge that is rarely known by most people. So, don’t be surprised if this video with strange and unique fact content is in demand by YouTube users.

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9. Nature or Traveling Videos

Nature or Traveling Videos

The ninth most liked videos on YouTube are nature or traveling videos. Who doesn’t like traveling? Surely you all like the name of an exciting walk. Oh yes, if you are traveling, don’t forget to install this mandatory application when traveling.

Well, usually these nature videos are like cinematic videos or vlog videos. Why are traveling videos on the list of most liked videos? Because, some people want to know first what the city or area they visit is like through video.

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10. Video Review

Video Review

The tenth most watched type of video is video review. Come on, admit it, who is it that before buying electronics or beauty products, look for the reviews on YouTube first? Surely you have, right?

This video review is very informative, really for people who want to know the quality of an item or product. Because, usually when a YouTuber reviews it, he will give an honest review along with how to use the item properly.

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So, how are you smart? You already know what the most popular types of YouTube videos are right now. Well, if you have criticisms and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, guys

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