The 10 Highest Rated Under-21 Players in FIFA 22, England with the Most!

GridGames.ID – EA Sports has released a list of the highest player ratings in FIFA 22.

Different from before, this time the highest player rating is reserved for those under 21 years old.

Of the top 10 names, players from the Premier League have entered the list the most.

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Who are they? Here’s the full list!

10. Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

EA Sports FIFA

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

In 10th place was immediately filled by U-21 players from England, Bukayo Saka.

Winger mainstay of legendary club, Arsenal got a rating of 80 in FIFA 22.

9. Reece Jame (Chelsea)

Reece James (Chelsea)

EA Sports FIFA

Reece James (Chelsea)

Still from England, it was Saka’s teammate in the National Team, Reece James who entered the list.

Thanks to his brilliant performances with Chelsea, James was rated 81 by EA Sports on FIFA 22.

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