That’s why PUBG MOBILE is banned in India!

PUBG Mobile was reportedly banned in India on Wednesday, September 2, 2022.

Many media are discussing the issue of banning 118 applications, including this best-selling game.

India has 33 million players and is said to have about 50 million gadgets connected to PUBG Mobile games.

According to the data obtained, 13 million players play games every day in India.

So why was PUBG Mobile banned in India?

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Why PUBG Mobile is banned in India

Report from, The number of applications banned by the Indian government on the way is as high as 118Provocation problem With China in Ladakh.

Of the banned applications, 118 are Chinese applications, including PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile banned in India

According to the Indian Ministry of Technology, these applications loss Impact on India’s sovereignty and integrity.

These apps are also said to pose a problem for India’s national security and security.

“This decision is a goal that must be achieved for national security, security, and India’s cyber sovereignty,” said the Indian Ministry of IT.

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Not just PUBG Mobile

The Indian government does more than just shut down apps originating from China.

According to the news in circulation, the Government of India closed 59 applications in June last year. Bytrdance’s Tik Tok, Alibaba’s UC Browser, Tencent’s WeChat.

This is also because the government puts its own security first.

The fate of PUBG Mobile in India is not as beautiful as it once was. Because it is closed forever.

If the PUBG Mobile player wants to continue playing, they can use a VPN. But it has a big ping.

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