That’s why Alter Ego always bans Kadita RRQ Lemon in the Grand Finals!

This is the real reason Alter Ego always bans Kadita RRQ Lemons in the Grand Finals of yesterday’s MPL ID Season 6.

The final round of MPL ID Season 6 was the most intense final round in MPL history.

This is recognized by many people, especially fans of Indonesian Mobile Legends games. They were really surprised at the game released at the Grand Final yesterday.

Previously, at yesterday’s MPL Season 6 Grand Final, RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego were fighting there.

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rrq star mpl season 6
Photo via ig lemon

RRQ Hoshi won the battle that ended with a score of 3-2 and broke some records in MPL.

Did you know that in this regard, Alter Ego always banned Lemon’s favorite Cadita hero at yesterday’s Grand Finals?

Yes, because Kadita Lemon was able to turn a previously depressed situation into a victory.

This was confirmed by Celiboy and Alter Ego CEO Delwyn Sukamto in a live stream on Nimo TV.

But even if Kadita Lemon is banned, it’s not enough to prevent them from losing to RRQ Hoshi.

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