Tencent Will Allow Players to Inherit Items and Virtual Money in Games

GridGames.ID – Tencent recently revealed that the company will implement a new system of item ownership rights and virtual money in its games.

According to Kotaku, Tencent has obtained a patent that allows players to inherit items and virtual money in-game when the user dies or the game dies.

The system will be implemented to guarantee the user’s digital assets.

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People’s lives are increasingly developing in a digital direction, so that our possessions and objects are also widely spread on digital platforms.

While digital goods may be called ‘unreal’, they have a high value.

For example, some rare or exclusive skin sets that are worth millions of rupiah or even hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Accessing assets after a user’s death may be as easy as using a name and password, but the ability to transfer assets is a problem in itself.

Then, how does Tencent implement an asset inheritance system in its game? See the explanation on the next page.


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