Telkom Group Supports Lokapala Game Moba Indonesia to be number 1

Telkom Group Full Support

The Telkom Group, which has now transformed into a Digital Telco, is committed to the development of digital platforms and digital services. Where one of the branches of Digital services is online games. Several things that can be supported by the Telkom Group for the development of games in Indonesia are through the existing infrastructure. Also addressable market a total of 180 million people who are customers of Telkom and also Indihome who still have a correlation with the game. This was conveyed by Mr. Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi (Director of Digital Business Telkom Group) in the QnA session

Lokapala Moba Indonesia Game, It's Time to Be the Axis of the Game in Your Own Country

Followed by Mr. Dedi Suherman (CEO of PT. Melon Indonesia), who revealed that PT Melon Indonesia, as a form of its commitment to the transformation to Digital Telco, has done many things. One of them is in the field of games where PT Melon Indonesia has been curating for the last two years to find hidden talents from the work of the nation’s children. And the search ended in Lokapala. Some of the things that make Lokapala considered the most powerful are the following.

Lokapala Moba Indonesia Game, It's Time to Be the Axis of the Game in Your Own Country
  • Lokapala carries the MOBA genre which is the most strategic market today, not only in Indonesia, but in almost all parts of the world.
  • Lokapala has great opportunities in the competitive esports world.
  • Ready to monetize and have a clear revenue stream.
  • Local characters and elements that are presented in the lokapala can evoke the nuances of nationalism.
  • Support local developers to grow and develop together.

Lokapala Esports Road Map

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, the previously designed Esports Road Map must be modified in such a way as to provide the maximum esports experience. With the support of various parties, Team Lokapala and PT Melon Indonesia have prepared an Esports Road map that can be followed by all ksatriyas.

Lokapala Moba Game Indonesia
Esprots Lokapala Moba Game Indonesia

Several tournaments that have been prepared are a continuous series. Where this will provide an opportunity for the ksatriyas to build a career path. Where every official race will have a point system and can be collected to access higher tournament levels. There are at least 6 esports events that mobileague friends can participate in, so don’t let you not play Lokapala, the Indonesian moba game, guys.

Knights Choose to Compete for National Defense

Indonesia is known for its gotong royong system, where people work hand in hand to solve a problem. This time it was based on the nature of the nobility that the Ksatriya Select Tanding was held.

Lokapala Moba Game Indonesia
Lokapala Moba Game Indonesia

In this campaign Lokapala fought with the Gotong Royong Team, namely:

  1. Adikarsa Copyright Association (CAKRA)
  2. Anantarupa Studio
  3. Telkom Group
  4. Caravan Studio
  5. Indonesian Hero Foundation
  6. Elwin Hendrijanto
  7. Ryan Gozali (Five)
  8. Dennis Adishwara
Lokapala Moba Game Indonesia
Ksatriya Votes Lokapala Indonesian Moba Game

Ksatriya Select Tanding has the jargon “Stay at Home, Play at Home and Help from Home”. In addition, all of the Ksatriya Lokapala were called upon to assist and participate in this National Defense mission, namely by participating in online tournaments conducted from home. The tournament was held in 20 cities which were attended by representatives of the urban communities. Meanwhile, 100% of the funds collected will be used to support everything needed by health workers to deal with the pandemic, as well as the impact of its emergence, such as PPE, supplements, hand sanitizers and others.

Menpora Cup 2022

The next tournament that the knights can participate in is Menpora Cup 2022. This tournament will be aimed at students in 35 cities with a target of 350 schools from all over Indonesia, of course online. It is estimated that in Quarter 3 and 4 of 2022 with a total prize of IDR 550,000,000

Weekly Online Amateur Championship

Organized by melon Indonesia, a casual but serious themed tournament is held every week. Weekly Online Amateur Championship with a total prize of IDR 56,000,000 which is also planned to be held in Quarter 3 and 4 of 2022.

Melon Mini Tournament

Melon Mini Tournament is the initial stage for those who want to be really serious towards a professional team. Departing from the official Mini Tournament, will collect points towards Minor Tournament. The total prize pool is IDR 76,000,000 and the match time will be announced later.

Melon Minor Tournament

Melon Minor Tournament is the second stage after the kshatriyas conquered Melon Mini Tournament. Those who manage to become winners here, will continue to the Major and win the title of the best team in Indonesia. The total prize pool is IDR 150,000,000 and the match time will be announced later.

Melon Major Tournament

Lokapala Esports Scene Highest Event, Melon Major Tournament. The total prize pool is IDR 250,000,000 and the match time will be announced later.

Get your Pre-Registration Reward

To find out whether you are pre-registered or not, please check the following steps

Play Store -> Menu -> Account / Account -> Purchase History / Purchase History

You can see the pre-registration history of the page. If you are registered, immediately log in to your Lokapala game and claim the prize by clicking the + sign next to Citrine then a few moments later you check your inbox in your game. Prize has been obtained.

Lokapala Moba Indonesia Game, It's Time to Be the Axis of the Game in Your Own Country

Cirine is a premium currency which is the third currency in the Lokapala game and is obtained from in-game purchases (in app purchase).

Stay Connected with Lokapala

Well, Mobileague friends who don’t want to miss the latest news and information from Lokapala Game Moba Indonesia can go directly to the following link,

The official Facebook Page on Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms
Official Instagram at: Lokapala_Moba
Official website at:
Official discord at :

On social media and discord above, mobileague friends can exchange build information or other tips and tricks about the Lokapala game.

Download the game now

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Download Lokapala Now

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