Team Udil and Drian Onic Successfully Win the MLBB All Star Tournament

GridGames.ID – Above the rich sky, there is indeed Onic, where this slogan is proven by Udil and Drian who calmed the tournament in Mobile Legends All Star (20/7).

From the five Onic roster, namely Udil, Drian, Antimage, SaSa and Psychoo, four teams were formed of which four of the Onic roster became team captains.

Because Onic’s roster is five, Drian is finally included in the Udil team named Moniyan.

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Each team consists of six people whose contents are pro players and influencers.

Well, Udil’s team, named Moniyan, has five other members, namely Sugar (Aura), Marsha (Louvre), Drian (Onic), Sherlin Tsu and Anna Ladaina.

Team Moniya

Doc. Moonton

Team Moniya

The six of them managed to defeat 3 other teams, namely the Dark Abyss team (SaSa), the Magic Academy team (Psychoo), and the Eruditio team (AntiMage).

The Moniyan team won the first match against the Magic Academy team with a score of 2-0.


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