Tasks From 5 Positions in the FreeStyle Game that You Must Know

FreeStyle Games on LINE POD

FreeStyle Games on LINE POD

GridGames.ID – For those of you who like to play games through the LINE POD platform, you must be familiar with the FreeStyle game.

FreeStyle itself is an online street basketball game.

The gameplay of this game can be said to be really cool where you can do freestyle using one character.

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The characters from this FreeStyle game also have important positions.

So, for those of you who don’t know the role of this FreeStyle game, don’t worry!

You can see the following explanation so that your character can rise in the FreeStyle league.

1. Center

Center position in the game FreeStyle

Center position in the game FreeStyle

The first position you can choose when playing the FreeStyle game is Center.

This position can also be called the ring keeper to block the enemy’s ball throw so as not to concede.

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By blocking the enemy’s ball, you can win the rebound from the enemy.

The Center position is also in charge of changing a friend’s shot that fails to enter the ring so that it can be a dunk shot.


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