Tanigox Alias ​​Yagoo Channel Reaches 100K Subs In Short Time After Release Introductory Video In English

Motoaki Tanigo, CEO of Cover and Hololive, is known as Yagoo by his community and Vtuber talents and nicknamed “Best Girl” by the Hololive overseas community.

The figure of the CEO Motoaki Tanigo, who is also known as Yagoo, gained a rise in popularity thanks to his upload of a short video on his personal YouTube account, Tanigox. In general, his video upload is seen as a test video that does not have a deep enough meaning, just an ordinary 360-degree test video to test the capabilities of his/her company’s gadget.

After a long time, Yagoo started releasing short videos

However, on May 3, 2022, the CEO who was dubbed “Best Girl” by the Hololive fan community began actively uploading his short videos such as videos of an office sighting in Shinkawa, testing the release of the VR game Ping-pong (available on Steam although it seems to get negative feedback) , and trialled himself using VR with Unity-chan’s avata. Since the release of the short video upload, his subscriber channel has increased dramatically, reaching more than 50 thousand subs.

Break through 100K subs and pass the daily subs growth of their highest talent, Gawr Gura

The climax was when he released a video introducing himself and the company he leads in English on 10 2022 yesterday. Which was released 40 minutes after Kiryu Coco and Tokino Sora’s Meme Review finished.

Introduction of Yagoo and the company he leads

The video upload quickly jumped Yagoo’s YouTube channel subscribers to reach 100 thousand subs, (now it’s 125 thousand subs). With the highest sub channel growth chart exceeding their highest talent subs growth, Gawr Gura

r/Hollive - Well...
If Gawr Gura gets an increase of 20 thousand subs on average per day, Yagoo gets 33.2 thousand subs after the video upload.

Although proud and still nagging about this achievement, the community is trying to maintain the reputation of “Best Girl”

It is said, the video is because Tokino Sora is no longer “Seiso” because of the Meme review collab with Kiryu Coco, as a result Yagoo is said to have intervened to realize his Idol dream which had been ruined by Kiryu Coco who was said to have poisoned Tokino Sora’s mind to stay “Seiso“.

Although this response is already a common community joke, some ordinary fans take this statement seriously and think Yagoo has completely abandoned the Hololive company’s goal as an idol agency, from practice the Idol concept is not so strictly applied. Several trollers and haters began to attack based on a change in the concept of the company led by Motoaki Tanigo. Therefore, the community came down to explain the purpose of the introductory video and emphasized that Idol Yagoo’s dream joke was a “generally accepted community joke.”

r/Hololive - An important distinction
Know the difference, Cover is an entertainment technology company, Hololive is an Idol Streamer agency under Cover Corp

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