Take Two CEO Says The Game Industry’s Success During The Pandemic Will Continue

Illustration of playing games on PC

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Illustration of playing games on PC

GridGames.ID – The Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on a number of technology industries and the global gaming industry.

During the pandemic, the glory of the gaming industry can be seen from the level of sales and profits that have increased significantly.

Strauss Zelnick as CEO of Take Two predicts that the glory of the gaming industry during the pandemic will continue.

In fact, Strauss Zelnick believes that it can give the gaming industry a permanent glory.

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Zelnick expressed his optimism about the fate of the gaming industry in a joint interview Gameindustri.biz some time ago.

In his statement, Zelnick revealed the fact that electronic interactive entertainment such as games is one of the most profitable entertainment businesses.

This is due to the pandemic situation that forces people to limit their outdoor activities and mobility.

The world community in general will look for fun, practical, and safe entertainment without leaving their homes.

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