Take notes! PS5 DualSense Hands On Controller to Start Tonight

PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

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PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

GridGames.ID – PlayStation 5 is a console next-gen which many people have been waiting for this year.

Apart from its new design and features, other things that are no less interesting are controller-his.

Yep, Sony confirmed that the PS5 will use controller different from the previous generation.

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Controller This new one carries the name DualSense which was introduced last May.

Not only in terms of name and design, DualSense is also equipped with a myriad of advanced features in it.

Noted, there are 4 features that are owned, namely: Haptic Feedback, Apative Triggers, USB-C Port, and Microphones.

These four features will be tested for the first time tonight.

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A well-known gaming journalist, Geoff Keighley has just announced that he will share his first impressions or hands-ons of controller DualSense.

The information was conveyed through an upload on his official personal Twitter account a few hours ago.

“I’m so excited to share my first impressions of the PlayStation 5 wireless controller, DualSense,” Keighley wrote in a tweet.

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This is part of a game event called Summer Game Fest.

For hands-on videos controller DualSense itself can be watched today (17/7) starting at 22.30 WIB at thegameawards YouTube channel.

Take note of the schedule and don’t miss it to find out the latest information about controller DualSense, yes!

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