Take a peek at the Cool Visual Effects of Khufra’s New Skin in Mobile Legends, Apophis

GridGames.ID – Since it was released on May 12, 2022 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Khufra finally has a new skin, here!

The new skin of the tank hero who has the skill to turn into a ball is called Apophis, which is an Elite type skin.

Even though he still has a scary face, Khufra’s hair is made very stylish, you know!


For the release date itself, this skin named Apophis will be launched on 20 September 2022 on server time.

You can get this skin for 599 diamonds which will be discounted by 30% a week after its release.

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For those who don’t have this hero, you can also buy it in bundle form along with the Apophis skin.

The skill effect of this skin is so impressive, where Khufra’s skills have a cool visual effect with snake accents.

Just go ahead, here are the visual effects of Khufra’s skills in Apophis’ skin.


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