Survival, Garena Indonesia’s Mission Now After Point Blank

Garena Indonesia Point Blank

After several years with Garena Indonesia Point Blank, as an FPS game that became the king of all FPS games in Indonesia, it finally had to be released. With a quick move, without so much drama of throwing responsibilities, Garena and Zepetto went pretty well. Although there will definitely be some discontent among players about this move, Zepetto is ready to welcome gamers in Indonesia to its new server. Various luxuries and prizes were prepared for the moving troopers, as well as a National scale tournament had been prepared.

Move quickly, prizes and national tournaments have been prepared. Zepetto is like a sniper who aims right at the target without wasting time.

So what’s left in Garena?

Just like the question implicit in the mobileague team’s mind when Gemscool ended its publishing rights to the Point Blank game. What games are left at Garena? Here, mobileague will present mobile games that you can still play from Garena Indonesia.

Free Fire – BattleGrounds

Garena Indonesia Free Fire
Garena Indonesia Free Fire

There’s only one rule – to be the last Survivor!”. Free Fire – Battlegrounds is a Third-Person Shooter game in the form of Battle Royale. Players will plunge into a deserted island, where there is only one winner – the last one to survive. Players are free to choose where to start after descending by parachute. Search and pick up weapons to increase your chances of survival. The battle area will slowly shrink, and only those who can take advantage of existing locations will be victorious. Free Fire – Battlegrounds is the best survival game with stunning graphics and easy controls.

Games that are played on this mobile platform may be an alternative to FPS games that can be played anytime and anywhere. Especially those who like battle royale can immediately feel how exciting it is to survive and become the winner at the end of the game.

Arena of Valor

Survival, Garena Indonesia's Mission Now After Point Blank

Arena of Valor (AOV), a realtime 5v5 MOBA, comes with premium content and is made with balance in mind, so that victory can only be achieved with skill. Enjoy the thrill of playing mobile MOBA with HD graphics with a smaller file size. Get 18 permanent heroes for free, special for new players. Come join the AOV community with more than 100 million users worldwide and prove that you are the king of Horizon Valley!

Arena of Valor is still moving forward with its All star league, fans continue to play with its new heroes. Hopefully this can continue smoothly and present a great esports scene in Indonesia.

FIFA Online 3 M by EA SPORTS™

Survival, Garena Indonesia's Mission Now After Point Blank

Now you can enjoy a new experience playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 3 with FIFA Online 3 Mobile. Build and grow your dream squad anytime, anywhere!

  • Build a Dream Squad
    • With legendary Indonesian players (Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, Hendro Kartiko, and Robby Darwis) and world class (Pele, Michael Owen, Roberto Carlos and others), as well as licenses of 15,000 football players and 500 clubs in 32 world-class leagues, you can choose your favorite players and play the squad of your dreams!

  • Set your strategy, change the composition of your squad, and lead your team to the title of champion!
    • Play exclusive modes on FOM to get great prizes. Check the player transfer market anytime, anywhere! Compete against other players and reach the highest ranking!
  • Access your team via computer or mobile
    • Your account data will be automatically synced between your computer and your phone, for a better experience! Get special gifts on your phone that you can use on your computer, and vice versa!

Contra : Returns

Survival, Garena Indonesia's Mission Now After Point Blank

Contra: Return “” retains its side scrolling action gameplay, along with a duo mode and additional new features. Defeat the greatest bosses and relive arcade glory.

Survival, Garena Indonesia's Mission Now After Point Blank

With new action-packed gameplay and high-resolution graphics, 3D characters, vivid sound and animation effects, you’ll have an amazing experience! Unleash the warrior in you! Choose from an arsenal of heroes and weapons and challenge yourself in instant PVP combat, team mode and take on our ultimate challenge, Underwater 8!

Join our legendary heroes Bill and Lance in their fight against menacing aliens. Together, we will save the world!

Speed ​​Drifters

Survival, Garena Indonesia's Mission Now After Point Blank

One of the newest games that is being pre-registered by Garena. A social racing game that not only prioritizes racing but also social interaction, to finding friends to play with.

The following are the features that will be present in the Speed ​​Drifters game from Garena Indonesia.

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