Surprise After Surprise Makes the ExGCON 2022 Event a Success!

GridGames.ID – ExGCON 2022 was warmly welcomed by fans gamers from all genres throughout Indonesia.

On the first day, December 14, 2022, there was a Call of Duty Mobile Major Series tournament and a Tekken tournament.

ExGCON event enlivened Guest Star from JKT48 and fun match Call of Duty Mobile game with Indonesian Funny Council.

Guest Star on the first day of ExGCON

Guest Star on the first day of ExGCON

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Fun Match selected from the audience who attended the Major Series event as many as the first 5 people to fight the RRQ team.

Next, the second 5 people will fight the BOOM eSports team.

However, the BOOM team must be given challenges for each of its players, such as tying the fingers with tape, soaking the feet in ice, and wearing a marshmellow hat.

Each selected player will be taken player which has top kill when dealing with eSports teams.

Those who are selected will join the eSports team and face each other to be the winner.


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