SuperGameFest 2022 Awards Telkomsel makes the nation’s name proud

SuperGameFest 2022 Awards

Jakarta, November 23, 2022 – Telkomsel invites all gamer and fans esports in Indonesia to experience the excitement of SuperGamerFest 2022, a virtual festival held especially for lovers games and esports in South East Asia. One of the attractions that SGF has is the SuperGamerFest Awards, an appreciation for content creators gaming and perpetrator esports the best in Southeast Asia. All people in the community gaming in the country can support content creators and actors esports Indonesia to be able to make the nation proud at the award event.

SuperGameFest 2022 Awards
SuperGameFest 2022 Awards

Vice President Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, “SuperGamerFest 2022 is becoming an important platform for players esports, content creator gaming, and fans games in general to gather and rejoice through various exciting activities in it. Therefore, Telkomsel feels proud to be involved and provide support for SuperGamerFest 2022. We also invite the gaming community in Indonesia to be directly involved in this activity and bring pride esports Homeland on the regional scene.”

PVP Esports Initiative

SuperGamerFest 2022 is an initiative of PVP Esports, a platform between games and the first among ASEAN countries to be supported by Singtel. The initiative, which was held virtually on 5-6 and 11-13 December 2022, presented various interactive activities such as workshops to interviews with figures esports famous. In addition, SuperGamerFest 2022, which was held for the first time, also held the SuperGamerFest Awards, an award event for content creators. gaming and perpetrator esports Southeast Asia’s premiere professional. The SuperGamerFest Awards are a celebration of the passion and creativity in gaming for communities in the area.

Telkomsel Invites Gaming Communities to Make the Nation Good at Supergamefest 2022 Awards
SuperGameFest 2022 Awards

Community gaming in Indonesia can submit their favorite names that can be selected in the nominations at the SuperGamerFest Awards. Overall, there are 10 award categories which are divided into two groups, namely Gaming Creator Awards and Esports Awards. Awards in Gaming Creator Awards consist of Content Creator of the Year, Streamer of the Year, VOD Creator of the Year, Social Media Star of the Year, and Breakout Creator of the Year. Whereas Esports Awards covers Esports Team of the Year, Esports Pro Player of the Year, Esports Coach of the Year, Esports Performance of the Year, and Esports Game of the Year.

Later, the winner will be determined based on a combination of nominations from fans, quantitative analysis, and judging by the panel. Industry players such as well-known names such as Blizzard, Moonton, Riot Games, Team Secret, including Singtel, Telkomsel, and other organizations esports national teams from various countries, will be part of the panel responsible for providing the assessment. The awarding moment from the SuperGamerFest Awards itself will be held on December 12, 2022.

Dunia Games Platform and MAXstream at SuperGameFest 2022 Awards

“Telkomsel is very enthusiastic about holding the SuperGamerFest 2022 and SuperGamerFest Awards. We have also prepared the Dunia Games and MAXstream platforms that will fully support the event by presenting live broadcasts for all members of the gaming community in Indonesia. Telkomsel’s involvement in SuperGamerFest 2022 is part of the company’s commitment as a leading digital telco company in Indonesia to develop an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem across the country, while supporting industrial progress esports and gaming in the country as a whole,” concluded Nirwan.

Fan esports in Indonesia can show their support for content creators gaming and perpetrator esports national pride professionals by submitting nominations for 10 existing categories. The nomination submission deadline itself will close on November 22, 2022. Submission of nominations at the SuperGamerFest Awards can be done online by accessing


Telkomsel is the leading digital cellular telecommunications operator in Indonesia, which has deployed more than 228,000 BTS to serve more than 170 million customers spread to the deepest areas, outer islands, and national border areas.

For 25 years serving the country, Telkomsel has consistently implemented the latest broadband-based technology, including being the first to conduct 5G trials in the country. Telkomsel also continues to develop digital businesses such as Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and the Internet of Things to find new ways for people to live life from time to time.

About PVP Esports

Supported by Singtel, PVP Esports is the first inter-game and cross-country platform in ASEAN. Through its core values ​​which include passion, sportsmanship, and health in playing games, PVP Esports strives to grow the esports ecosystem in Southeast Asia through various initiatives and tournaments.

Debuting in 2022 through professional tournaments, PVP Esports has now brought an amateur esports league to the gaming community through the launch of the PVP Corporate League for employees regionally and the PVP Campus League for students in Singapore in 2022. In 2022, PVP Esports introduced two seasons of PVP Esports Community. Championships, covering the Campus, Corporate and Open categories, throughout the year to boost its reach and support for the esports community in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit

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