Summoners Era, Idle RPG Game With HD Display Finally Released!

GridGames.ID – This is good news for those of you who like to play idle games, especially RPGs.

The reason is, the Summoners Era RPG-Idle game from developer Zirga Studios has just released the game.

This game offers many heroes and gameplay modes that you can enjoy.

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Cool, this game has more than 150 heroes divided into 6 different factions that represent certain elements.

Each character will have 4 special skills for you to combine with formations so as to find the best synergy and strategy for your team.

Here, you will be given the choice of a summoner to be your main character.

Strong creatures or Summoners who are able to summon the characters or heroes that you collect.

There are various modes such as Dungeons, Towers, Raids that you can try with your friends.


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