Summer StoneAge World Update Brings Regions, Pets, and PVE Content

Summer StoneAge World Update Brings New Regions, Pets, and PVE Content


Summer StoneAge World Update Brings New Regions, Pets, and PVE Content

GridGames.ID – The latest information comes from Netmarble which announced the latest update on one of its games, StoneAge World, today (11/8).

The MMORPG game will have new PVE content for high-level Trainers.

In preparing for this new content, the overall level cap has been increased from Lv. 109 to Lv. 114 and new automatic hunting grounds have also been added.

New updates This Defeat Mino introduces a new pet family from the Mino family, where players above Lv. 90 can reach [Mino Family] Soulstones, XP, and Stones.

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As part of this update, players can capture the Manmo family in the new Quarry region themed on the ancient wooly mammoth which has now been opened for the Trainer to conquer.

Players can also win 4-star S-Rank Pets which can be caught indefinitely.

Here is another new content coming to Stone Age World:

New Pets

Mino family pets including Mino, Bino, Giro, Kino, Boro, Redino, and Mecha Tayno as well as Tayno have been added for collection by Trainers.

New Events

  • Event Mino Ticket: Players can get Tickets to get Trainer’s Rope, Stone, and Can of Skill based on the number of participation in Defeat Mino.
  • Mino Growth Event: Players will get rewards such as Meat, Pet Coin, and Modification Stone according to Mino’s various growths such as level, training, skill, and battle. In addition, players can obtain the “Legendary-Heroic” Amulet if they successfully complete all missions.
  • Woody’s Dice Adventure: Players who complete missions every day will get dice that can be exchanged for abundant prizes.

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