Summer guide and tips in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

In a year, summer (summer) always appears after spring (feather). This time of year is characterized by scorching sun and low rainfall. The same is true in History of the seasons: Friends of the mineral citywhere after we go 30 days feather, then let’s go next summer.

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When you’ve seen the guide and tips feather us beforehand, then we will give guidelines and tips again next Summer story of the seasons: Friends of the mineral city.

Prioritize planting Pineapple seeds

Pineapple sauce pot

Pineapple or pineapple is currently the best and most profitable plant summer. It takes about 15-20 days for it to bear fruit, but then you can harvest this pineapple every 5 days without having to buy it seed!

A pineapple costs 500 gold and if you managed to befriend Huang in the preseason, you can sell him at a higher price.

Another crop you can consider is corn, the results of which can be used as animal feed (chicken or Rabbits). In addition, corn can also be used as an ingredient in making popcorn Products Karen’s darling when you want to get close to her.

Increase livestock activities

Raising Summer

Since the process of growing and harvesting pineapples is quite long, you can also practice livestock farming. For starters, you can have a maximum of 4 chickens / rabbits in co-op. 8 cows / alpaca / sheep can be accommodated in the barn.

Production results from farm animals such as egg, milk, and Wool helps your income in the summer and some Products It can also be used for materials Cook or given to residents Mineral city improve social relationships.

Prepare Money 30,000 gold Buy domestic animal First

History of the seasons penguins

If you follow our tips by giving flower to the goddess of harvest regularly since the first time feather, then at the beginning summer There is a dealer called Van who is visiting farm yard us and from here we can buy domestic animal for the first time.

Van will open a shop pet at Rose Plaza only on the 15th of each season. and type domestic animal the first one you can buy summer is penguin at the price of 30,000 gold. You can also buy Products Pet Treat to upgrade Heart pet or horse.

Start PDKT with your crush

Karen sauce

summer can also be a season when you can start reaching out to the potential mate you’ve been looking for because there will be Events Fireworks festival that can give us the opportunity to go out with our crush. Make sure you do heart at least green beforehand Events started.

moment summer, the general store will also sell canned flowers to “shoot” your crush with. Make sure the potential partner heart green colour.

Tips from Gimbot

Tips for the summer history of the seasons gimbot

Here are some tips from us that can help you be more successful Summer story of the seasons: Friends of the mineral city

  • Keep doing activities like feather, namely giving flowers to the harvest goddess and watching Cooking channel Tuesdays
  • You can fish as much as you want up inventory full on the beach on the first day summerbecause there is Events Beach day (time is blocked during the beach)
  • Attend the Chicken Festival if you have chicken with at least 3 heart
  • Obtain domestic animal in the van on 15. summer. Use tricks Save on computer/load game to make sure the weather is in good condition
  • Participation in the cow festival, if available cow with at least 8 heart
  • Buy Clipper and Milker in Saibara as animal production tools in Barn
  • At the end of the month, buy as many green pepper seeds as you can through Huang
  • Buy if possible seed Special summer to prepare for next year
Summer history of the seasons important date

Important day in Summer Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

  • 1 summer – beach day
  • 3 summer – Popuri’s birthday (egg)
  • 4th summer – Harris Birthday (Spa Boiled Egg)
  • 6th summer – Cliff’s birthday (grape)
  • 7th summer – Chicken Festival
  • 11 summer – Basil’s birthday (flower / grass However)
  • fifteen summer – Pet Shop Van opened
  • 16 summer – Harvest Spirit Timid’s Birthday (flour)
  • 17th summer – Ran’s birthday (chocolate)
  • 20th summer – Cow festival
  • 22nd summer – Kai’s birthday (pineapple)
  • 24 summer – Fireworks festival
  • 25th summer – Thomas birthday (good egg)
  • 29 summer – Jack’s birthday (fish)

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