Successful Debut in MPL, Aura Jamet Names Players Who Inspired Him

Meeting Geek Fam at MPL ID S9 W7D1, Aura Fire managed to win 2-0 without reply. Considering that the opponent will definitely not qualify for the round playoffs, Aura Fire takes down Jamet for the first time in place of High. After the match, Aura Jamet represented her team to meet with MPL’s media partners to post-match interview.

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Aura Jamet mpl 1

This is the first time for Aura Jamet to appear in MPL, where previously she played in MDL. He admitted that he was very excited to play in the tournament tier 1 that, though pressureIt’s more flavorful than the other tournaments. Even so, Jamet’s game tonight (1/4) as jungler killer for the team very well.

Secretly, Jamet was inspired by one of the Indonesian MPL team players. Before he plunged into the world esportsapparently he made ONIC Sanz his role model. Hero what Jamet played was similar to what Sanz chose.

“Sanz, because I’ve been playing for a long time herohero-its, like I’m chasing global first before entering esports, like Claude, Gussion, Harith, he must have been above him. I just learned a lot from him,” said Aura Jamet.

At his debut on MPL ID, Jamet was seen using Ling and Paquito against the Geek Fam. The battle is also not as easy as one might think, where the Geek Fam still put up a pretty good fight against the two games the.

The success of Aura Jamet tonight is good news for his team. With Jamet in addition, Aura Fire has more alternative strategies to face its rivals in this prestigious tournament.

Moreover, Aura Fire is currently the favorite team of many fans in MPL ID S9. Will Aura Fire be able to meet the expectations of its fans further?

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