Story of Seasons : Mobile Finally Releases New Trailer from Tencent

Tencent’s ambition to bring a variety of games to the Mobile version seems to be soon realized for the Story of Seasons game after it was first announced in 2022, the debut gameplay trailer for iOS and Android titled Story of Seasons: Mobile was officially released.

This project attracts a lot of fans who are looking forward to this farming game coming to mobile devices, as there is no mobile release in the mainline story yet. Previously only 3DS & Nintendo Switch.

After two years of development, the farming life simulation game has got its debut trailer featuring gameplay, story elements and other interesting features.

Story of Seasons was formerly known as the Harvest Moon game. The naming dispute for this series was finally won by Natsume for Harvest Moon. And Story of Season finally continues the story that we have played on Playstation such as Harvest Moon Friend of Mineral Town. But this brand change brings a lot of opportunities for publisher Marvelous, developer NExT Studios, and tech conglomerate Tencent. The first Story of Seasons was released back in 2014 on the 3DS, and now has a huge chance of success with iOS and Android releases.

The trailer begins with the character being unloaded from the train and seemingly embarking on a new journey to a place called Xingulo City. Gameplay in the trailer includes cutting down trees for resources, fishing, collecting items from farm animals, growing crops, and much more. In keeping with the “season” element assigned to the series’ name, the trailer also shows a day and night cycle, in which the characters appear to be on a date and even star gazing.

For those unfamiliar with farming and life simulation, Story of Seasons can be compared to Animal Crossing: New Horizons or games like Stardew Valley. However, where the mobile version of Animal Crossing may not be the most complex, Story of Seasons: Mobile looks like it could be a pretty complete experience based on this trailer alone.

In addition to working on Story of Seasons: Mobile, the team behind the series continues to develop and support Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town with expansions. Pioneers of Olive Town is the newest game in the series, released for the Nintendo Switch. Story of Seasons competes head-on with games like the aforementioned Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a number of ways, but Story of Seasons has more room to breathe than the behemoths that sell out on mobile.

Story of Seasons does have some competition on mobile, as the platform is filled with farming and life simulators, including Harvest Moon-influenced Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley. Games have now learned from each other, and the Story of Seasons: Mobile trailer clearly resembles elements of Stardew Valley, which may indicate the possibility of finding the same success. Interested in playing Story of Season? Mimin too.

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