Stone Skin! Sad, Nepalese Child Infects Rare Disease

Stone skin from birth, Ramesh Kumari, an 11 year old boy from Baglung, Nepal, whose skin is slowly hardening like a ‘Stone’.

Ramesh Kumari diagnosed with disease Ichthyosi which makes him unable to do activities like children his age.

“Her skin started to peel 15 days after she was born and then the new skin started to grow very thick,” her father said, as quoted by Mirror New.

Nanda (her father) explained, His son could only tell when he was hungry or wanted to go to the toilet.

There is no cure for disease Ichthyosi, but can be managed with other treatments and medications. Family Ramesh Kumari unable to pay for the medical treatment.

However, hope grew when the British singer, Joss Stone know the condition of the child and help raise funds for medical treatment.

Ramesh Kumari is currently being treated at Kathmandu Medical Centre. According to the doctor, he came in bad condition.

For two weeks, doctors gave antibiotics to avoid infection, medicines, and moisturizers to remove dead skin.

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