Still Predicting, 5 Latest Technological Trends in 2022

Even though Indonesia is not yet one of the countries with the fastest technological advances in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that Indonesia doesn’t have advanced technology, guys. Because Indonesia itself is not one of the most ignorant countries in the world.

In addition, in Indonesia itself, advanced technology has been prepared for the future that serves to facilitate human work. In addition, this year Indonesia will have the following cutting-edge technology trends too! If you’re curious, just watch it guys!

The Latest Technological Trends That Are Still Predictable

Hopefully the following cutting-edge technology trends do not become one of the technologies that are dangerous if misused. Because, indeed the following functions of technology to facilitate human work.

1. Smart Home

Advanced Technology Trends

Smart Home

The first cutting-edge technology trend is the smart home. Yups, this technology will later be installed at home, although there are already some who use it. However, this technology is still fairly common among the community.

Well, one of the sophistication of this smart home, everything can work automatically. Just like changing TV channels, you no longer need to use the TV remote application, just tell the virtual assistant smart home, then this technology will replace it according to your wishes, guys.

2. 5G Network

Advanced Technology Trends

5G Network

The second cutting-edge technology trend is 5G networks. Yups, reportedly Indonesia will enter the 5G network in 2022, guys. One of the interesting facts about 5G networks is that they are fast and stable. In addition, smartphones and other smart devices can be connected to each other.

3. Automation Technology

Advanced Technology Trends

Automation Technology

The third cutting-edge technology trend is automation technology. It’s no wonder that the driver is not one of the jobs that cannot be replaced by technology. Because, indeed the car will work automatically /

That way the role of humans in controlling the car will be reduced. This technology is called Cashier-Less, guys. So, this automatic car detects potholes, opposite cars, people walking and so on.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence

The fourth cutting-edge technology trend is Artificial Intelligence or abbreviated as AI. This trend is really popular in Indonesia, guys. It’s not just on smartphones. Because, later it can be embedded in other advanced technology.

Even reportedly, Artificial Intelligence can also be a technology that is implanted in the human body whose purpose is to facilitate the work of humans who have physical limitations and so on.

5. Streaming

Advanced Technology Trends


The latest cutting-edge technology trend is streaming. As we know, currently the concept of streaming is very popular. Because, indeed, many technology companies are busy creating live streaming applications and streaming sites.

Either streaming for movies, TV shows, sports and even entertainment. In fact, almost all social media apps add live streaming features. Because, with this feature, people from various countries can interact with each other in real time.

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