Still Newbie? First Know the Tier Rank Order in the Free Fire Game

Bunny Costume on Free Fire


Bunny Costume on Free Fire

GridGames.ID – Rank in a game is one of the important things that other people can see to show how we play in the game.

The higher the rank level, the more visible that we have game skills that can’t be doubted alias pro.

Like in the Free Fire game, which has 6 levels of rank that are not easy to get.

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For you beginners Free Fire players, you must know the 6 order levels or tier ranks in the Free Fire game.

Tier Rank Free Fire

Tier Rank Free Fire

1. Bronze

2. Silver

3. Gold

4. Platinum

5. Diamonds

6. Heroic

To increase your rank, of course, you must often be able to booyah in Ranked Mode in the Free Fire game.


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