Still in beta! Lack of Livik maps that need to be updated in PUBG Mobile!

1 month after that update Patch 0.19.0 was launched by PUBG Mobile. This latest patch provides players with many features. One is the addition of a new map, Livik.

This 2×2 sized map has captivated many PUBG players and is trying to fight on this small map. Although still in beta, Livik is drawing the attention of many PUBG Mobile players to fight there.

Unfortunately, Livik still has a lot of player complaints. The following are the drawbacks of the Livik map, which is still in the process of being completed.

Too quiet for a small map

Some of the player’s comments were that we needed to increase the number of players on the Livik map. why?

A Livik map can only contain 52 players on a map, and that number is still not enough.

The size of the Livik map is only 2×2, while the Erangel is 8×8.

Prior to Livik, Sanhok was the smallest of all 4×4 size maps, but Sanhok still contained many teams.

One of the players @ari_pu comment “The map has been expanded to 100 players, making the tournament even more exciting.”

Not similar to PUBG Karakin Map

Players believe that the Livik map follows the concept of the karakin map that appeared in the PUBG game.

Karakin and Rivic have some similarities, such as the same size and a small number of players on one map. This allows PUBG Mobile players to consider Karakin and Rivic to be on the same map.

With the advent of this understanding, PUBG Mobile players are eager for Livik to resemble Karakin. In fact, Livik has a unique concept that Karakin doesn’t have.

“Please delete. Would you like to delete it for a minute?” comment @ 1lham.n With a social media account.

Black zone does not enter Livik

One of the things I’ve been waiting for on this Livik map is Black zone.. Black zone It is a function of the same concept as. Red zone In general.

the difference Black zone It also attacks buildings in the zone area. Therefore, you cannot hide from missiles that enter the zone.

Unfortunately the black zone It is not included in the Livik map and can only be used with PUBG. “Min, Black Zone wears Rivic Donk” comment @ ryul.f pubgmobile_id With Instagram account.

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Very few rank points

You can also add points to your rank by playing on the Livik map. Unfortunately, you don’t get as many rank points as other maps.

Certainly, the map is narrow and the play time is short, so there are few rank points.

PUBG MOBILE’s ranking system includes total number of teams, number of kills, Hit points. Why some points in Lavik?

Since only 52 players are included in one map, there are only 13 teams compared to a regular map with 25 teams, so you will definitely get fewer rank points.

Kill point And Hit points Livik maps do not earn as many points as other maps, as it has only a small impact on the points system.

The graphics are still not good

The Livik map is still a new beta version, so it’s not surprising that the graphics in it are still inadequate.

This has been proven by player witnesses who commented on Instagram pubgmobile_id. Here’s @ adt__01’s critique of the new monster truck vehicle: “Monster trucks are still scattered”..

Also, monster trucks are reported to be slower than UAVs. Not only the monster truck, but also the waterfall commented by @f_kentzo_p, the scenery of the Livik map is not perfect yet. “Rivic didn’t live up to Way’s expectations. The waterfall looks like it’s shining.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the above opinion or are you sure you want this new map?

Please comment in the comments that you think this Livik map that needs to be updated by PUBG Mobile is still missing.

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