Still Auto Banned! This is the sickest Khufra Mobile Legends Build 2022

GridGames.ID – Khufra, one of the heroes in Mobile Legends is still a scary Tank hero for the opponent.

Even though Khufra has been released for a year, this hero with the Crowd Control / Initiator specialty is still a banned subscription.

Khufra is a strong hero in Charging and Crowd Control, thus making him a counter for heroes against Blink Skill users.

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In addition, Khufra is also known to have damage large enough to be able to kill opponents who have low defense levels.

His 2nd skill called Bouncing Ball makes him even more slippery on the battlefield, aka difficult for opponents to conquer.

With skills that are so GG, Khufra won’t be scary if you use the wrong build item while playing.

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Well, this time GridGames wants to give a recommendation for the sickest Khufra Mobile Legends build 2022. Check this out!


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